Thursday, October 11, 2007

Healthy Cookies

I am a glutton for cookies. When I walk into a shopping mall and smell the irrestible aroma of the Famous Amos® Chocolate Chip Cookies, I have to fight very hard the temptation to get some. However, I do not know what they put in their cookies. Trans fat? Highly processed white flour? But here is good news from San Francisco Cookies. According to the descriptions on their site, they use whole grains, heart healthy oats, organic dairy, and loaded with chocolate.

What is so great about that? I have another blog Food as medicine where I write about various health stuff such as benefits of whole grains, oats lower bad cholesterol and chocalate for cardiovascular health. This article also talks about the benefits of organic food. I hope these articles can convince you of the importance of using food to keep healthy, for as they say, health is wealth, and there is nothing more precious than good health.

At San Francisco Cookies, you can find all kinds of cookies including Chocolate Chip Cookies and not only enjoy the pleasure of chocolate, but derive some health benefits from it as well. That is what they call killing two birds with a single stone, but I wish the word "killing" have never ended up in that famous saying, as it has nothing to do with killing and death, but life and health.

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