Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Inside scoop on the tastiest "big name" wines

Looking for access to Napa's biggest names and undiscovered wines? You should try Porthos, the Wine Insiders. They have a team to taste over 5,000 wines per year and only the best of the best are featured in their site. At Porthos, the Wine Insiders, you have access to the tastiest “big name” wines such as Silver Oak, Duckhorn, etc. Get “insider access” to undiscovered, boutique wines before the critics and collector crowd discover them.

At Porthos, the Wine Insiders, you will have access to their Monthly Insider Wine Clubs which include the Favorites Club where you have sensational undiscovered treasures and highly rated crowd-plesers, the Premium Club where you have rare reserve wines and highly-rated selections, and the Collector Club where an exclusive collection of California's most highly-rated, ultra-premium wines. And if you register and join as member, you get special pricing. If you are looking for Napa Cabernets, a good place to look is Napa Carbenets.

It is believed that moderate wine consumption is associated with a significant reduction in all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease and cancer among men. According to Wilhelm Vetter, M.D., and colleagues of the University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland, alcohol, when consumed around mealtime, reduces the proliferation of smooth muscle cells within the arteries. smooth muscle cells growth is a key element in the development of atherosclerosis, which commonly leads to heart attacks and strokes. So get your favorite wines, enjoy it and be comforted that along with the enjoyment comes some health benefits.